League Tables

Pilots can upload their tracklogs to various online league tables.  Some popular ones below:


Leonardo - free, global.

XC League - currently £6 per year, UK only.

Hang Gliding

UKNXCL - UK National XC League

Malvern Hang Gliding Club (MHGC) Privacy Policy

MHGC collects personal information from you when you provide it to us directly, or through your use of our website, for example:

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How does MHGC use my personal information?

Your personal information will be used:

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MHGC will not share your information with any other third party.

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HG NOTICE - RHS Malvern Spring Festival 2016

Please note, if you are considering flying at the Malvern's this coming weekend : 6th to the 9th May 2016 you will find that the usual Three Counties car park that we usually have permission to land in will be completely filled with cars and must not be used (even if part of it is unused). As an alternative you can still use the smaller landing field nearer the hill, as is usually used by paraglider pilots. However, just for the next few days we have obtained permission to land in the long strip field as indicated on the sat pic here. Please take care not to overfly the fields to the north low down as you will note there is a HORSE riding school that operates from here. Try to land over to the south side of the strip. Obviously using the gate to exit the field without obstructing the drive next to it. This field belongs to Ken Shail's (MHGC President) neighbour.

Latest Updates

 - 2020 Update - SPECIAL CONDITION for flying from the Beacon

There is no longer a requirement to log flights from the Beacon with the Site Officer..

40 Over 40

(40 pilots over 40 km)

1975 to 2015, the club celebrates 40 years of flying.

There are many pleasures in free flying, but one of the most universally sought-after achievements is a good cross-country flight.  To land a long distance from where you took off, without power, using only your own skills and judgement is greatly rewarding.  So, to encourage pilots to try to do this, and to acknowledge those who do, we are compiling a list of all those who achieve a flight of over 40km from one of our club sites, and we hope the list will reach over 40 pilots in total.

If you've done a 40k flight this year, and your not on the list, please let me know!

If you haven't, but want to, please keep in touch with the active members and coaches and let us know - we'll do our best to help.

Date, Name, Distance

26/4/15, Nick Collins, 133

13/5/15, Bryan Hindle, 50.1

13/5/15, Richard Darling, 50.7

13/5/15, Stuart Mason, 60.4

30/5/15, Alan Hyde, 89

30/5/15, John Bevan, 62

30/5/15, Bill Bell, 138

16/6/15, Graham Shand, 54.3

16/6/15, Tony Wilkinson, 96.4

???  QUESTIONS ???

Should we include pilots for EACH flight over 40, or just once? (I think just once)

Should we include all pilots, or only MHGC members? (I think all pilots)

Should we include malvern Aerotow launches? e.g. Bill Bells flight above?  (I think Yes)

The list currently only has flights from leonardo and uknxcl, only of malvern members, so the list is very incomplete.  Can we get data from xc league?  Can we get HG data that will let us filter by launch location?