Email Mailing List

This system allows members to email the entire club through one email address.  Each message has a 'level', depending on its importance, and each member can choose which levels he/she want to receive.

Level... Type of Information...
0 Only important general announcements, e.g. AGM's, etc. Only committee members can send on this level.  You will not be able to use the "Reply" button on these emails.
1 The above and important stuff about:
    •    Air space
    •    Safety Issues
    •    BHPA announcements
    •    Club Meetings
2 All the above and things to do with flying:
    •    Saying where you are going
    •    Asking where to go
    •    Weather information
    •    Organising club trips
    •    Flying reports
3 All the above and general chat.

Each member can change their 'level' on the Club database in the field "Your content threshold of the mail-list:0, 1, 2 or 3".  The default is 1. To change your level go to the database and change it, and click the "submit change" button.  Each message you receive through the system has a link at the bottom "Link for you to edit your own MHGC data", use this to go to the database.

When sending a message you decide what level to send it at by entering ^0 or ^1 or ^2 at the beginning of the subject line. There is no need to put ^3 as it will default to 3.

Please remember to start a new thread if your reply is going to stray significantly from the level of the discussion.