The Malvern club doesn't generally get involved in competitions, as flying is seen as "just for fun and a good day out". However, this doesn't stop members getting involved in running and taking part in competitions if they wish to do so.


The club runs one annual competition for members, to encourage them to go cross-country: this is the "Go4it League"

Separate HG and PG awards are made at the end of year Christmas bash.

PG Pilots to enter flights on Leonardo.

HG Piloits to enter there flights via Nick Collins.

The rules are the same as for the National XC League.

British Club Challenge

If there is enough interest each year we also hold rounds of and compete in the British Club Challenge, This gives CP Pilots the ability to go XC under supervision and is a great way to be on the right hill on the right day.

Leonardo Flight Logs

Leonardo is a great place to log your flights so that you can refer to them later and analyse how others have flown from various Hills.


If you would like to join 

  • Navigate to the Leonardo homepage.
  • Create yourself an account.
  • Contact   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  >Simon Dilworth, who will add you to the list of club members

Hang glider pilots, don't worry about all of the PG stuff you will see there, many HG flights have been registered and the pilots have suffered no lasting damage from over-exposure to paragliding.