Black Hill

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Hang glider alternative launch site for Pinnacle Hill.
SO767407  (notam site ref 4.002)

WIND DIRECTION (for launch only, for hill see Pinnacle)
E - ESE  ( 90° - 120°)  Best 100°

267m  ( 878′ )  713′ TTB

The edge of the hill has a path running along it so watch out for walkers.
The top of the hill has a sharp edge to it but if you start your run from lower down trees and their turbulence become more of a hazard.
If the wind is at all north of E the air flow across some more sizeable trees will create turbulence also will be significant obstacles to clear.
There is no immediate bottom landing and the fields below have a considerable slope (you will want to land on them down wind), are often in crop, and we have no permission to land in them. So you must feel confident of making progress north and landing in the conventional fields, usually requiring a minimum 10mph wind speed.

Via the B4232 (JubileeDrive) at the southern end. Take path (See map)
Black Hill pay & display car park. WR13 6DW
At top of the ridge above the car park.


PG - there is no official landing field close to here.

HG - as this is an alternative take-off for Pinnacle Hill East, please see that site guide for landing information.  However, it is a lower launch and further away from the landing field south of the Three Counties show-ground.

Read Pinnacle Hill East for other details of the site.