Members' Mailing List

Members' Mailing List

This system allows Malvern members to email the entire club through one email address. Each member can choose what sort of email they receive by using a filter. The strength of the filter is specified using ‘Levels’

Received Level

Type of Information

Level 0

Used to send important announcements for AGM's etc. Only committee members can send on this level.

You will not be able to use the "Reply" button on these emails.

Level 1

The above and important stuff about:

  • Sites

  • Air space

  • BHPA

  • Club Meetings / Our Club

  • Safety issues

Level 2

All the above and things to do with flying:

  • Saying where you are going

  • Asking where to go

  • Is the weather right

  • Organising club trips

  • Flying reports

Each member can change their received level on the Club database in the field "Your content threshold of the mail-list:0, 1, or 2"

When sending mail everyone will decide what level to send it at by entering ^0 or ^1 at the beginning of the subject line. There is no need to put ^2 as it will default to 2.

Please remember to start a new thread if your reply is going to stray significantly from the level of the discussion.

When you first join you will be put on level 1.  If you want to be on a different level go to the data base change it, and don't forget to click the "submit change" for every field that you alter.