Flying the Malvern sites

You do not have to be a club member in order to fly any of the sites managed by the Malvern Club. However, to fly the main sites on the ridge, Pinnacle Hill (aka "The Kettle Sings"), Black Hill and Perseverance Hill, you need to be CP rated and have 15 hours experience and a £5 for life helmet sticker for which you can apply and pay on-line.  The Beacon is the same, but in addition you need to be Pilot rated.

If you live in the Malvern area then you are encouraged to join the club to get the most out of flying in the area and enjoying the other Club activities and resources. There is also the chance to fly Pinnacle Hill prior to getting 15hrs but only with a Malvern coach who has assessed that the weather is suitable and that the site is not too busy.

The sites guide page now includes the new Site Reference Numbers which you quote to the operator when notifying a site as "Active"

Club sites guide - the hills we fly.

Pinnacle Hill Site Rules and Helmet sticker application form.

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