Would you like to join our club?

If you live outside the area and will only come here to fly in an easterly you don't need to join the club. Just agree to site rules and get the helmet sticker. It's only £5 for life.

However, if you are a BHPA member and live locally and would like to join the club for other benefits such as free reserve repack, Telegram messaging, coaching and club meetings please apply below.

Please note there is also the chance to fly Pinnacle Hill prior to getting 15hrs but only with a Malvern coach who has assessed that the weather is suitable and that the site is not too busy.

Membership of the Malvern club runs from 1st April to 31st March and costs £12.50.

It's easy to renew or join using this online form:

Renew or Join

Any questions, please contact Nigel Dewdney the membership secretary:

MHGC Constitution Download as pdf file.

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