Beacon Site Guide

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All fights must be logged within 1 week to the Site Officer (Send a Telegram to @BeaconLog or a text message to the Beacon Log phone +447502178588).  Please just send first name, last name, BHPA number.  WARNING flights that have not been logged will be removed from the XC League.
Worcestershire Beacon SO769451
WSW - WNW ( 240° - 300°) best W
425m (1395′ ) 803′ TTB
In theory 4½ miles to the south & 1 to the north. However on most days only about 500m also due to an agreement with the local modelling club, restrictions apply beyond the Sugarloaf Hill to the North. It is only permitted to continue beyond the Sugarloaf on a paraglider if thermalling up and towards North Hill/Table Hill and at no stage descending on to it. Or flying a Hang-glider with adequate safe height above the models.
Hang glider and Paraglider pilots must be P rated and be current members of the BHPA or a foreign equivalent that also has valid 3rd party insurance.
All flyers must display a Protocol Compliant Sticker. This allows the MHGC to see that they have read and agreed to the Site Rules. Thereby help prevent breaches of local bye laws, promote safe flying and protect the future use of the hills. Site Rules and on line application. There is a one off fee of £5
The Malverns are in an intense military low flying area. If flying midweek then pilots must notify Military Air Traffic on 0800 515544, preferably the previous evening before 9pm. Quote them the grid ref SO769451
The Malverns Hills are a "Spineback" ridge so beware of flying your glider in strong winds; getting blown back could be fatal. NEVER GO OVER THE BACK AT LESS THAN 500 ft ABOVE TAKEOFF, IN ANY WIND, DUE TO ROTOR.
On days with unstable air strong lee side thermals develop early and pull in air from the windward side. The thermals on the windwards side can then be broken and the air can be very rough. This can also lead to sinking on the windward side necessitating quick slope landings. On days with strong winds, which can lead to climbs drifting over the back low, there can be an early connection with a lee side thermal. The turbulence experienced can be extremely violent and beyond the best active flyer. Later in the day these effects are not so noticeable.
Many of the paths are bridle-ways so pilot must be extra vigilant so as to not to spook horses.
There are old park benches in the long grass between the three playing fields that make up the bottom landing area.
6 - 8 on a ridge soaring day will feel crowded.
Via West Malvern Rd or Beacon Rd. Take path (See map)
West of England Quarry pay & display car park WR14 4DG. Beacon Rd pay & display car park. WR14 4EH
The area south of the Beacon trig station just blow to hill crest.
The playing field, surrounded by trees, with a small pavilion on the west side. Not suitable for hang gliders.

2018 UPDATE - the surrounding trees are now of a sufficient height to cause safety concern. Before flying from the Beacon it is important to consider landing options in the event of not flying cross country.  If the official landing field is to be used, please take into consideration your paraglider's glide angle, trim speed, and the space available to land before taking off.  Make sure you are separated from other gliders, to avoid the complication of landing together.

The track off Harcourt Road towards the landing field is a private drive, and no cars are allowed to enter.  It is a public footpath, but must only be used for pedestrian access.

Please note:  The group of fields a few hundred meters south of the landing field are farmed by a farmer who has made it clear we are NOT welcome to land there, even if there is no livestock or crop.  We have also been asked by the landowner not to use the large field immediately to the south.  See image below: