Pinnacle Hill, Black Hill and Worcestershire Beacon Site Rules

If you are applying for a Helmet sticker then you must read and agree to the following site rules. Application is at the bottom of this page.

If you are local pilot with less than 15hrs please see Joining the Club.

1. Pilots must be BHPA members or foreign equivalent with comparable third party insurance.
2. Pilots must have CP + 15 hours (P rated for Worcestershire Beacon). The 15 hours requirement can be waived, prior to take off, by a Club Coach.
3. Pilots must have an MHGC Helmet Sticker.
4. No landings are permitted along the top of the ridge. Slope landings are as long as well clear of other hill users.
5. Takeoff segregation, Pinnacle Hill east side. Paragliders have priority to the north of the saddle and Hang gliders have priority to the south.
6. Paragliders in ridge lift must not fly further north than the Worcester Beacon, due to the danger of conflict with radio controlled models. (one exception is covered in the site guide)
7. No landings or takeoffs are permitted on the Hereford Beacon (British Camp)
8. Worcester Beacon including area north of the Wyche Rd (B4218). Only P or AP rated pilots with a helmet sticker are authorised to take-off or land. All flights/take-offs must be reported the Site Officer (Send a Telegram to @BeaconLog or a text message to the Beacon Log phone +447502178588) within a week.
9. Three Counties Show Ground. When there is an event of more than 1000 people, you must comply with Air Law [Summary: no overflight under 1000ft, no landing within 1000m ]
10. Bottom landings. ONLY use the fields described in the site guides. 3C's carpark can only be used if empty.
If you agree to observe these rules then use our WebCollect service to buy a Helmet Sticker.