Pinnacle Hill, also known as Kettle Sings.

Also look at “Site Rules” as they apply to this site.

The PG landing field is under threat.  Please read "Landing Areas" below and look at the detail by clicking the on map above to make sure you understand how to avoid upsetting the adjacent land owner.  Thanks.

Pinnacle Hill (Kettle Sings): SO768421  (notam site ref 4.002)
ENE - ESE ( 60°- 120°)  Best E
357m  ( 1173' )  810'  TTB
3½ miles to the south & 2½ to the north. However, due to an agreement with the local modelling club, restrictions apply beyond the Worcestershire Beacon. It is only permitted to continue beyond the Beacon on a paraglider if thermalling up and towards North Hill/Table Hill and at no stage descending on to it. Or flying a Hang-glider with adequate safe height above the models.
Hang glider and Paraglider pilots must be CP rated and have at least 15 hours experience since qualifying.  The 15 hours requirement can be waived, prior to take off, by a Club Coach.
All pilots must be current members of the BHPA or a foreign equivalent that also has valid 3rd party insurance.
All flyers must display a Protocol Compliant Sticker. This allows the MHGC to see that pilots have read and agreed to the Site Rules, thereby helping to prevent breaches of local bye laws, promote safe flying and ensure future use of the hills. Site Rules and on line application. There is a one off fee of £5
Below the eastern side of the ridge are extensive built-up areas of roads, houses and trees, containing few emergency landing areas.
The Malverns are in an intense military low flying area. If flying midweek then pilots must notify Military Air Traffic on 0800 515544, preferably the previous evening before 9pm. Quote them the grid ref SO768421 or site ref 4.002
There are frequently large gatherings of people at the Three Counties Showground. When such events take place you must comply with the Low Flying Prohibitions of the Air Navigation Order. [Summary: no overflight at less than 1000 feet no landing or takeoff within 1000 metres except with CAA approval]
The Malverns Hills are a "Spineback" ridge so beware of flying your glider in strong winds; getting blown back could be fatal. NEVER GO OVER THE BACK AT LESS THAN 500 ft ABOVE TAKEOFF, IN ANY WIND, DUE TO ROTOR.
Unless the wind is due East, you are strongly advised not to take off from or fly at the rear of bowls due to lee rotor from adjacent spurs.
Many of the paths are bridle-ways so pilot must be extra vigilant so as to not to spook horses.
This is a large site with 6 miles of soarable ridge, capable of supporting many gliders on a good day.
Via the B4232 (Jubilee Drive) running North-South on the West side of the Malverns between the Wyche Cutting and British Camp. Take path (See map)
Gardiner's Quarry Pay & Display. WR13 6DN. Annual ticket can be applied for by post. Parking fees go towards hill maintenance like tree clearance.
Near the top of the hills on either side of the saddle where the footpath reaches the top. Paragliders have priority to the north of the saddle and Hang-gliders have priority to the south. (See map for details)
No landings are permitted along the top of the ridge. Slope landings are but must be well clear of other hill users.

PG field (& HG at a pinch)
The field at the end of the track which goes straight on at the right hand bend on Oaklands (road) off Green Lane.
IMPORTANT - Do not obstruct private entrance to Chestnut Hill. Nor park or congregate on grass/gravel area. Please click on the map above and look at the detail to make sure you understand where this is and where to park.  The house owner is upset that his driveway and verges have been used for parking, and we must not let this happen again.
Two paths exit the field from it's NE corner over a stile. One along the North edge leads back to take off.(¾hr) the other goes due North to Oaklands. It's worth noting that the field slopes away from the hill 20m and inspection before use is advised. Expect the wind direction to be across the field rather than on the hill. More often than not there will be stock in the field so please land clear of them. In over 20 years of use there have never been any attacks but treat cattle with respect and pack up near the exit.
There are many houses around these fields. Please do not lose height or make your final approach over them as it may cause alarm to the residents.
If you use this site please make a donation to the Air Ambulance, as we need to raise £400 per year to keep it open.

Alternative PG Field
The old playing field to the east of Rothwell Road can be used but there are large trees that can cause rotor. To exit go west across Rothwell Rd down narrow lane to Oaklands.
There are many houses around these fields so please do not lose height or make your final approach over them as it may cause alarm to the residents.
Hang gliding field
The HG landing field is to the South of the Three Counties Show Ground and is one of their carparks so when in use it CAN NOT BE USED. Occasionally the field is marked out with small metal poles that will probably not be visible from launch. This may be the situation the day or so before an event or afterwards. Please do not land in the field if this is the case. If you are in any doubt please check the field before ascending the hills. The area is composed of two main fields. If any part of these are in use for parking then no part can be used for landing.

When you collect you glider from the field you MUST use the main entrance at the east end of the field not the gate on the north end. This is a stipulation of our agreement we have with the Three Counties Showground. Obviously, please do not climb over the gates. It is easy to pass your equipment around the side of the gates over the low fence where there is a gap. This field is now easy to reach from Pinnacle hill launch on a high performance modern hang glider, but may be a problem on an intermediate or low performance wing. In this situation please use the alternative landing field that is more frequently used by paraglider pilots.
Also look at “Site Rules” as they apply to this site.