Pinnacle Hill West

Kettle Sings west

Also look at “Site Rules” as they apply to this site.
Pinnacle Hill West  SO768421  (notam site ref 4.002)
WSW - WNW ( 240° - 300° )  Best W
357m ( 1173' )  516' TTB
1.5 miles to the south and 2.4 miles to the north. However, due to an agreement with the local modelling club, restrictions apply beyond the Sugar Loaf. It is only permitted to continue beyond the Sugar Loaf on a paraglider if thermalling up and towards North Hill/Table Hill and at no stage descending on to it. Or flying a Hang-glider with adequate safe height above the models.
Hang glider and Paraglider pilots must be CP rated and have at least 15 hours experience since qualifying.
All pilots must be current members of the BHPA or a foreign equivalent that also has valid 3rd party insurance.
This is a tricky side of the hill that isnt used very often and so not recomended for pilots with less than 50hrs. 
All flyers must display a Protocol Compliant Sticker. This allows the MHGC to see that pilots have read and agreed to the Site Rules, thereby helping to prevent breaches of local bye laws, promote safe flying and ensure future use of the hills. Site Rules and on line application. There is a one off fee of £5

There are few places to slope land and there are many trees to clear to get to the bottom landing so you may need to make a quick decision to push out.
Be aware that you may encounter rotor from the quarry side of the car park which is to the north end of the take of. The quarry cant be seen from the launch so it is worth while looking at it from below in the Kettle sings car park to familiarise your self with its location.
Other local sites take this direction and so it is advised to look at those first before flying on this side of the hill.
The Malverns are in an intense military low flying area. If flying midweek then pilots must notify Military Air Traffic on 0800 515544, preferably the previous evening before 9pm. Quote them the grid ref SO768421 or site ref 4.002
The Malverns Hills are a "Spineback" ridge so beware of flying your glider in strong winds; getting blown back could be fatal. NEVER GO OVER THE BACK AT LESS THAN 500 ft ABOVE TAKEOFF, IN ANY WIND, DUE TO ROTOR.
Many of the paths are bridle-ways so pilot must be extra vigilant so as to not to spook horses.
2 or 3 pilots flying at any time.
Via the B4232 (Jubilee Drive) running North-South on the West side of the Malverns between the Wyche Cutting and British Camp. Take path (See map)
Gardiner's Quarry Pay & Display. WR13 6DN. Annual ticket can be applied for by post. Parking fees go towards hill maintenance like tree clearance.
Just below the rocky outcrop and for a further 40m north.
PG field
The square field in front of the Kettle Sings Tea Room and the one further out. Path out see map
HG field
Barn Field. The long field running north south with a barn in the right corner. Due to the trees upwind a severe wind gradient is normally encountered when going into this field.
Orchard Field. Not visible from take off it is south of an old orchard next to the railway. Exit across foot bridge at station or on Albert Rd (track) under the railway.
DO NOT LAND IN ANY FIELDS SOUTH OF EVENDINE LANE due to influential landowner being anti free flying.
Also look at “Site Rules” as they apply to this site.